2018 Directors’ Election

For the 2018 election calendar, South Feather Water and Power Agency is announcing three Directors’ terms are ending December 2018. The terms ending are for Tod Hickman (Division 1), Dennis Moreland (Division 3) and John Starr (Division 5).

To be eligible for candidacy with South Feather Water and Power Agency, each candidate shall be a voter and a resident of the division that he or she represents at the time of his or her nomination or appointment and through his or her entire term. A map on South Feather website (Division Boundary Map) shows the division boundaries. If you have questions regarding candidacy, please call Rath Moseley at (530) 533-4578.

Candidate filing requirements and information can be found on the Butte County Elections page (https://clerk-recorder.buttecounty.net/elections/electhome.html)