Groundwater Management Workshop

DATES:           March 26, 2020; Thursday
LOCATION:   South Feather Water & Power Agency
2310 Oro Quincy Highway, Oroville, CA 95966
TIME:    8:00 am – 4:10 pm
PRICING:   $150 for AWWA Members \ $175 for Non Members

Workshop Description:

The State of California legislature passed the Groundwater Sustainability Act legislation in 2014
which requires groundwater basins to coordinate in the development of Groundwater
Sustainability Plans by 2022. The Governor released the Water Resilient Portfolio policy in 2019,
further highlighting the importance of better managing groundwater resources to sustainably meet
future water demands in California. The American Water Works Association, in coordination with
the California Department of Water Resources, is conducting Groundwater workshops to those
reliant on groundwater sources to plan for a more resilient water future. Attendees will be updated
on relevant State policies and programs, and receive information on improving the resilience of
their groundwater supplies. Thank you for attending.

To REGISTER, please call Shobhana at 909.291.2117
Visit for more information