Water Treatment Operator

South Feather Water and Power Agency is searching for a Water Treatment Operator T3 or T4. Plant Superintendent John Shipman (Grade V) and Senior Operator Rob Wilcox (Grade IV), have many years of experience in the water treatment business at SFWPA, and maintain a relaxed and supportive work atmosphere. The successful candidate will be stepping into a position where he/she will always be challenged – and rarely bored – and will be involved in all aspects of operation and maintenance, including: operating, maintaining, and programming SCADA control systems; repairing and calibrating electronic equipment; and, maintaining lab certification for bacteriological purposes.

South Feather Water and Power Agency recently expanded and improved its Miners Ranch Water Treatment Plant at an estimated cost of $25 million for progressive and innovative water treatment processes including high rate clarification and solids handling, SCADA controls, graphical user interface, and chemical applications. The successful candidate will be challenged with integrating new improvements.

The Position: Water Treatment Operator

Under the direction of the Water Treatment Plant Superintendent or Senior Operator, and working a “9 day-on / 5 day-off” daytime schedule:

  • Operates and maintains water treatment plant facilities, pumping systems and reservoirs;
  • Takes both chemical and bacteriological samples, runs the various standardized laboratory tests, and interprets test results for process control and distribution system water quality control;
  • Trains or assists in the training of subordinates.



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