SB 998 Information

This page contains information regarding South Feather Water and Power’s policies on delinquent accounts and discontinuation of services. Below you will find “Section 11 – Delinquent Accounts” which is provided in six separate languages for your use. The following verbiage can also be found on our mailed delinquency notice and Shut Off notices. Please note that Paymentusis the only recognized online payment option tracked by South Feather Water and Power to avoid disconnect fees.

The information contained below explains the delinquency process which South Feather Water and Power Agency follows. Each month the meter for your property is read. The consumption is calculated between the current read and the read from the previous month. The statement will include charges for a base rate, consumption, penalties, additional services and taxes, if they apply. Once statements are mailed the bill is due ten days later but are not considered delinquent until 25 days after the bill was generated. If payment is not received within that timeframe, a penalty of 1.5% of the account balance is added to the account and the next month’s bill is generated. This process will continue until the water service is disconnected after the account becomes delinquent more than 70 days (see diagram below).

For Single and Multi-Family Residential Properties Only

If the Total Past Due Balance from the customer of record is not paid by the final due date, water service at this service address will be shut off. You may prevent termination of service or re-establish service by becoming an account holder for the service address. If you are not the current account holder for water service but are a tenant or occupant of the service address, you individually, or together with any or all of the other tenants and occupants of the service address, have the right to become a customer of the District. If you become a customer you will not be required to pay the delinquent amount due on the existing customer’s account, but you will be responsible to pay all charges after becoming a customer. To become a customer, you must comply with all District terms and conditions of service, including, but not limited to, providing proof of tenancy, meeting credit requirements, and being responsible for water and sewer services at the service address. To apply for an account for water service or re-establish service in your name, please contact a Customer Service Representative at (530) 533-4578 or in person at 2310 Oro Quincy Highway, Oroville, CA.

Additional Language Information:

Spanish: Las políticas de South Feather Water and Power Agency sobre la interrupción del servicio de agua se pueden encontrar en el sitio web de la Agencia,

Chinese: South Feather 供水供电管理局的供水服务中断政策,详见管理局网站

Korean: 수도 공급 서비스 중단에 대한 South Feather Water and Power 관리국 정책은 해당 관리국 웹 사이트에 제공되어 있습니다,

Vietnamese: Chính sách của Cơ quan Nước và Năng lượng South Feather về việc ngừng dịch vụ cấp nước có thể được tìm thấy trên trang mạng của Cơ quan,

Tagalog: Ang mga patakaran ng South Feather Water and Power Agency tungkol sa pagtigil ng serbisyo ng tubig ay maaring makita sa website ng ahensya,